Residential Pressure Cleaning


C&S Pressure Cleaning and Painting, a South Florida Pressure Cleaning Company, is prepared for the demanding challenges residential properties may have. Experienced and fully equipped to meet your needs and expectations, we can transform, beautify, and maintain a first-class look for you. We accommodate your needs to provide the best, most effective, and safest products to beautify your home.

Pressure washing is a practice used in cleaning that involves applying pressure using water to clean exterior surfaces. It is mainly used in hardscapes and house cleaning to remove caked-on dirt, grease, or other stubborn materials latched onto walls and floors. While pressure cleaning, water comes out of the cleaning nozzle in a jet, which is directed by hand. Pressure washing is different from power washing; in the latter, pressurized heated water is used.

C&S Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning is a challenging task, especially if you live in an area rife with rain and wind. No need to worry; just sit back and call C&S Pressure Cleaning. We will take care of the cleaning needs of your residential property.

We are fully equipped and with the best professionals to maintain the classy look of your home. Our products are 100% safe for plants, animals, children, and the environment in general. We are licensed and insured, guaranteeing you the best cleaning services in your area.

These are the spaces we specialize in;

* Exterior vertical and horizontal surfaces such as walls and floors

* Construction cleanup, for instance, cleaning walls before painting

* Trailers and RV’s body surfaces

* Pool decks and Lanais

* Driveways and walkways

* Patios, and Fences

Construction cleaning by C&S pressure Cleaning

We not only clean surfaces, but we also pressure wash your walls to remove dirt, dust, and stubborn mold and algae before painting. This debris and organisms will ruin your fresh paint and make it bumpy and uneven. We use bleach and other solutions to kill and thoroughly remove mold and algae, leaving your walls dry and ready for new paint or material covering.

What do you need for residential pressure cleaning?

The correct pressure washing machine

You require a suitable machine, which disseminates just the right amount of water with precise pressure adjustments control. If too much pressure is applied to glass and other fragile surfaces, they could get damaged.

The right detergents

You should use specific detergents that are designed for any surface. The wrong detergent will not get rid of dirt effectively; it may eat at materials destroying the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Usually, a pressure cleaner would have the right equipment and material for the job. Employ C&S Pressure cleaning services to ensure thorough and adequate cleaning without damaging the surfaces of your property. However, if you want to go about the business alone, look for and purchase the right machines and detergents.

The best pressure cleaning equipment to purchase

In choosing the best pressure washer, you first must consider the type of exterior surface materials in your home. More complex surfaces can take more pressure as compared to fragile surfaces. The best machine will provide the strength to remove dirt without damaging surfaces. The best device is also lightweight and hence offers you the utility of moving it around with ease.

There are two types of machines available; gas-powered and electric-powered.

1. Gas-powered

These pressure cleaning machines have great power, and they are excellent for cleaning concrete surfaces. There is one significant disadvantage, however, is the toxic fumes they produce. If you purchase one, always have fuel at hand and store it away from flammable items.

2. Electric powered

These machines use electricity as the power source. They are lightweight and portable hence easy to move around with while cleaning. They, however, do not provide enough power for heavy-duty and extensive cleaning. They are very effective for small spaces around your home where the electric cord can stretch to its limit.

There are dozens of pressure washers in the market by various brands. In choosing the right one, do not go for the overly pricey or the very cheap; look for the features and functionalities that meet your cleaning needs.

Terminologies to be conversant with

Pressure cleaning machine manuals will have jargon that you may not be familiar with at first sight. Two of the most common terms used are;-

* PS1: This refers to the Pounds of pressure per Square Inch. It is the actual water pressure offered by the machine and adjustable through its controls. The manual will detail how much PSI is suitable for effectively controlling the device and cleaning your surface type.

* GPM: This refers to the Gallons Per Minute. It is the amount of water your machine sprays at a time. A high GPM helps clean extensive surfaces such as outside walls and decks. In short, you need more GPM for a larger house.

Where to avoid pressure cleaning

You should avoid pressure washing aluminum windows and aluminum frames, glass windows, and brittle, thin stones. These materials could break or bend with very little water pressure. Do not clean surfaces that are not in good condition, such as walls with peeling paint and cracked coatings on concrete and asphalt. Let a professional handle that for you.

Residential pressure washing prices

Search for ‘pressure washing near me,‘ and if C&S comes up, you can go ahead and contact us for a quote. Alternatively, you can contact our head offices in Miami, Florida, through our call line (305) 905-4791 and inquire if we offer services in your location.

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  • Houses/Duplex’s, Trailers, Rv’s, Garden Level Buildings
  • Exteriors
  • Driveways
  • Pool decks and Lanais
  • Patios
  • Fences
  • Paver decks, driveways, and walkways (Sealing also available)
  • Sprinkler rust removal
  • Construction cleanup


Professional residential pressure cleaning services are in great demand because homeowners with extensive exterior spaces do not know how to clean effectively. Built-up dirt, mud, silt, and grime eat concrete, wood, bricks, and other materials. Neglecting your home will make it look shabby after a while, and it may begin to fall apart, increasing the cost of renovation and reducing its value in the real estate market. Seek the services of C&S Pressure cleaning to secure the deal and look of your home.

C&S Pressure Cleaning and Painting is licensed and insured and uses only high-end cleaners that are formulated to provide the highest level of cleaning power while being 100% safe for the environment, plants, children, and animals.

We are committed to doing a thorough job, which means paying attention to the details. We want your business year after year! Our distinction is the quality of service we bring to our customers.

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