What Is Power Washing?

Power washing is a special cleaning technique that sprays water onto surfaces at a high-pressure level. This process is used on houses, concrete, wooden decks, and other surfaces to remove mold, mildew, dirt stains, and signs of aging. It improves the overall look of your surface and helps to rid your property of dangerous germs that may infiltrate your home. Power washing also helps you increase the curb appeal of your property.

How Often Do Most Surfaces Need to Be Power Washed?

We recommend that you power wash your home at least once a year to help protect it from harmful mold, algae, or other contaminants. However, you may need to power wash your home more than once, depending on your situation, such as if you live in an area with a lot of construction, you have sustained storm damage, you will be painting your home, or you are putting your home up for sale. An annual power wash is usually sufficient for the majority of other surfaces

Why Should I Pressure Wash My Concrete?

Pressure washing concrete extracts dirt and grime from concrete. It also helps remove decaying algae from the concrete, keeping your concrete healthier and more aesthetically pleasing. A routine of regular pressure washing your concrete can help eliminate mold, dirt, grime, and other contaminants.

Will A High-Pressure Wash Damage My Home?

Not if you use the right chemicals and process. The professional technicians at C&S Pressure Cleaning use a soft wash process that combines a safe pressure and biodegradable cleaning solutions to clean your surface while also protecting them. Our knowledgeable technicians will carefully examine your surface and its condition to determine the proper pressure to use during the power wash.

Will The Chemicals Used During The Power Washing Process Damage My Plants?

While power washing sometimes involves the use of chemicals that can be harmful to plants, C&S Pressure Cleaning uses 100% biodegradable cleaning solutions. Additionally, our technique is eco-friendly, so your plants, pets, and family will be safe.

Is There A Difference Between Power Washing And Pressure Washing?

While many people use the terms “power washing” and “pressure washing” interchangeably, there are some differences in these two techniques. In power washing, heated water is used to clean the surface while pressure washing water is not heated. Heated water can be helpful if there is grime, mildew, grease, or salt because it helps to dislodge particles. It is also commonly used on surfaces that can easily withstand the heat, such as concrete.

Will There Be Streaks On My Windows After You Clean My House?

Our professional technicians will provide you with sparkling, clear, and streak-free windows. We use the best tools for the job and natural products that will not leave behind unattractive streaks on your windows. We begin the process by working at angles to clean edges and replace our blades often to ensure the best performance. We follow this by cleaning the entire surface and wiping away any excess water, leaving behind a stunning window.

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