C&S Pressure cleaning provides reliable exterior cleaning services for residents and businesses in North Miami Beach, FL, and the surrounding vicinities. We do exterior wall cleaning, graffiti removal, construction cleanup, roofs, gutters and brick surfaces cleaning, driveway sealing and painting, pollen, mildew, mold, and bug removal.

Building surfaces don’t keep their shiny new looks throughout the years. There are a lot of things that can leave marks, dirt, and grime on wall surfaces. Pressure cleaning is a powerful solution to eliminate dirt and grime from all kinds of outdoor surfaces and restore them to a shiny sort-of-new condition.

We blast off dirt and grime using high-pressure water enhanced with powerful detergents. Whether yours is a brick, concrete, siding, cut stone, gutter, soffits, deck, patio, boat, vehicle, or metallic outdoor furniture surface, we can help you get it back to its former glory.

North Miami Beach Pressure Cleaning Service

The City of North Miami Beach is situated in Miami-Dade County. It boasts over 40,0000 people, great neighborhoods, and attractions such as the Atlantic Ocean beaches, Oleta River State Park, and a Spanish Monastery that dates back to the 12th century.

Most residents in North Miami beach own their own homes. You can find buildings in various architectural styles, from classic Spanish-family friendly houses to state-of-the-art Miami Modern commercial quarters and hotels, and many others in between.

But in as much as architectural style matters, keeping your building clean is also essential to make it conducive for living or working in it and maintain excellent value. Substances like dirt, moss, mildew, and cracks on surfaces are clear signs of neglect. They leave a wrong impression on potential buyers when you arrange for house viewings.

Whether you are looking to make your house beautiful for selling or maintain better living conditions, our exterior pressure washing services can help restore your outdoors to their former beauty.

What do we do?

C&S pressure cleaning is a team of experienced, licensed, and insured professional cleaners with specialties in outdoor cleaning. Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Graffiti and grease removal

We all love graffiti until it’s on our walls and messing up with its beauty. Graffiti can result from different activities, be it rogue external agents or your children playing with spray paint, and sometimes it’s the unforgiving kind of stain.

Fortunately, we know how to deal with stubborn stains and mud. We employ powerful; cleaning solutions to weaken the pain from the walls and blast it off with water at high pressure. Our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and gentle on the wall materials making sure to leave your building good.

  • Gutters and roof cleaning

You’ve heard that the roof is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your place. But that’s not all the reason to keep your roof and gutter clean; these structures trap and allow debris to build upon their surface, blocking the pathway for water to flow off to the ground come rainy season.

We can clean your roof and gutter without compromising their structure. We’ll blow and sweep all pollen, leaves, mildew, mold, ice, and fallen branches, leaving your roof spick and span.

Construction cleaning

Building renovation, remodeling, or any construction activities results in many debris; some are even toxic. We can help contain and dispose of the material, leaving your place clean.

The next thing visitors look at after your roof is the driveway; you want an excellent curb appeal. Regular driveway sealing will keep water, air, oils, and harmful solar rays from permeating the surface, leaving it in beautiful condition. Experts recommend driveway sealing every two years. However, you can choose to do it every year to enjoy a beautiful driveway throughout.

  • Patio and deck cleaning

Cleaning your patios and exterior deck at least twice a year prevents damage and ensures more years of service. Patios and deck come in various materials. Be it concrete, wood, vinyl, or composite, our team will handle it with care, leaving it clean and in excellent condition. We can also seal your deck to prevent water damage.

When to hire the services of professional outdoor cleaners?

Taking advantage of professional pressure washing services at the right time can prevent stains buildup and boost the value of your building. Here’s when we recommend calling in professional outdoor cleaners for help:

  • When looking to sell your property

Our team of cleaners can help you get your house clean and ready for viewing by potential buyers. Clean roof, driveway, and walls can help show potential buyers that the owner hasn’t neglected the house.

  • When dealing with stubborn stains and grime

A soft-pressure garden hose can handle some dirt; others require the expertise of professionals to rid them using high-end cleaning solutions and powerful equipment. If you find your building surfaces plagued by unforgiving stains and or grime, give us a call to help.

  • Blasting grease and mud from farm machinery, RV trailers, fences, etc.

Apart from the exterior wall surfaces cleaning, we also help clean rust, grease, mud, and stains from farm tools and equipment. Our high-blaster equipment can rid of all the dirt from your devices, so they can keep serving you for longer.

What cleaning packages do we provide?

We offer reliable and convenient robust cleaning solutions for different budget situations. You can hire our cleaning crew any time you find it suitable. We provide the following outdoor cleaning packages:

We are fully prepared to deal with issues your buildings might have. Our crew is well-trained and experienced in the use of stellar equipment and high-end cleaning solutions to deal with all manner of stains on different wall surfaces.

Get in touch with us today online or visit our offices for a free quote on your building, driveway, deck, or outdoor equipment. Whatever the cleaning you want to be done, we can accommodate your needs and restore your property to its original beauty.

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